Artist Management Manual

Get all the tools you need to set and enhance your overall artist management strategy!

The Artist Management manual presents a step-by-step action plan for getting your management company off the ground and to the next level, tips for crafting solutions to common management challenges, insight into the workings of today’s music industry, advice on creating a winning management action plan and much more.

      Sections Include:
    • Artist Management Requirements
    • Setting Up Your Management Business
    • Career Planning For Your Artist
    • Solutions to Common Management Challenges
    • Options for the Way Forward in Today’s Music Business
    • Getting Your Band Business Affairs in Order
    • Tips for Keeping Your Band Together
    • And More!

The more than 300 pages of artist management strategies and best practices will prove indispensable for you and/or your entire team. Each morning you get up to address the day, you’ll be equipped with the most current management know-how and actionable intelligence to put your best strategies forward and achieve ultimate success for you and your clients.

The Artist Management Resource provides information on how to become a music manager and the Artist Management Manual can be purchased from the eBook store or by clicking the  ‘ADD TO CART‘ button below.


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Why no hardcopy version? Because if you want the LATEST information, you can’t beat a PDF. In today’s music business environment, new developments happen almost daily, and by the time a hardcopy version makes it to the stores or Amazon, many things will have changed. With our PDF, the version that we sell is always current and continually updated to make sure you have the latest information which gives you an advantage over everyone else reading old material. Hardcopy versions may feel better in your hands, but if you want the latest actionable information, then a continuously-updated electronic version is far superior. In addition, delivery of PDF is immediate!