The Indie Managers Association (IMA), formerly the Independent Music Managers Association (IMMA), was formed in August of 2002 as a private company based in Washington D.C. with the mission to advance the cause of educating and promoting independent artist managers and self-managed artists. The mission was undertaken as a result of the observation that many artist managers and self-managed artists were not well educated about the music business. The contention was that a well-educated manager or self-managed artist, operating with a solid foundation of knowledge and an overall understanding of the music business, would run a better business and achieve more fruitful results for their clients and/or themselves.

After several years of operating a paid membership model, the focus has shifted in a new direction that continues to maintain a commitment to the original goal of promoting and educating this and the next generation of independent artist managers and self-managed artists, and connecting managers with artists seeking representation. While no longer accepting new applications for membership, the Indie Managers Association continues to provide a valuable resource of knowledge and information to the artist management community. The Artist Management Manual stands as the definitive knowledge guide for both artist managers and self-managed artists, while the Management Directory provides a useful resource for artists seeking representation.

To further advance the commitment to the management community, the Indie Managers Association has launched the Artist Management Resource as a central point of information and resources for artist managers and self-managed artists. This new direction will be more beneficial to the artist management community at large. Please visit the Artist Management Resource website for more information and updates.


Are you ……

  • New to the field of Band / Artist Management, or considering starting an Artist Management Company?
  • Already operating an Artist Management Company but would like a “refresher” resource to help spark some new ideas?
  • An independent artist or musician looking to self-manage?
  • Studying or teaching a music business or entertainment-related course and seeking to supplement your reading or teaching materials?

If so, then the Artist Management Manual is just what you need to help achieve your goal.

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